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Competitive Benefits and Salaries
  • Competitive benefits package
  • Tuition remission for the employee, spouse and dependents
  • Generous paid time off
  • 403b options
  • Wellness Opportunities and Programs
  • Vibrant community on campus
  • Non-Union Staff Salary Range

Fueled by knowledge, powered by people.

The world is changing, and we can’t remain stagnant. At the University of Hartford, we’re looking to the future. Our students are pursuing new and evolving professions. They are translating their knowledge from the classroom to incredible environments, and now, more than ever, they are equipped with the technology and resources to gain practical experience before they ever leave campus. Our commitment to provide an academic experience that partners their passion with their profession begins with the faculty and staff who encourage and enable their success.

Where will it take us? Let’s find out. The journey begins with you.

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There's more then academics at the center of UHart's success. It takes a variety of positions, skills, and expertise to make UHart's Hawks soar. 

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Shaping young minds is a big job. Join us on this pursuit as we create students that can change the world and partner their profession with their passion.

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The University of Hartford welcomes diverse individuals no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, ability, religion, and/or politics. This diversity forms and enhances our community – a community that we affirm in our Mission and Vision statements.

Campus Safety & Crime Stats

The University of Hartford recognizes the importance of campus safety and is fully committed to complying with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistics Act. In line with this commitment, we have released our current Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

About Us

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Exceed Your Limits

For more than 60 years, the University of Hartford has attracted forward-thinking students and faculty, ready to leave their mark on the world. Seven schools and colleges serve as the backdrop for the countless discoveries, accomplishments, and breakthroughs of an innovative community. Faculty and staff join our diverse student body to create a one-of-a-kind environment, rich with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and are committed to creating an academic experience that partners passion with profession.

We are committed to creating and sustaining opportunities for all as an employer of choice through:

  • Growing together and fostering a united community
  • Encouraging staff and faculty to thrive, learn, and develop to be their best self through ample resources and opportunities.
  • Providing a work environment within the University of Hartford community for all members to lead and grow regardless of title or position.

Our institution may be fueled by knowledge, but we’re powered by people—just like you.

UHart by the Numbers

  • 1957

    For more than 60 years UHart has been shaping the lives of students.

  • 5,100

    Thousands of students learn each year at UHart.

  • 93,000

    Our alumni network is strong and spans the globe.

Employee Benefits

Staff Recognition Day

We’re committed to taking care of those who are dedicated to exceptional service for our students and university.

We provide an extensive selection of competitive benefits that prioritize the well-being of our employees and their families. We strive to meet their personal, financial, health, and wellness needs by offering a broad range of options. Recognizing the importance of easing the financial burden, we contribute a substantial portion of the cost for various benefit plans by supporting our employees' long-term financial security and offer a generous match in our retirement plan. Our benefits program also extends exceptional tuition benefits to our employees and their dependents, enabling them to pursue further learning and personal growth.

Furthermore, we place utmost importance on the health and well-being of our workforce. It embodies our commitment to fostering a thriving workforce and emphasizes the significance of overall well-being. From comprehensive healthcare provisions to enjoyable holidays, we strive to provide the necessary support for our employees to lead fulfilling and satisfying lives.